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Civilization Systems

Our aim is to create a cooperatively run organization that allows experienced IT professionals to serve the technology needs of local businesses, non-profits, coops and schools in a democratic, nurturing, and fun environment. As importantly, we strive to help anyone interested in information technology, social justice, economic justice or democratic workplaces gain the skills, experience, and resources they need to accomplish their goals.

CivSys got its start by empowering Baltimore’s youth through the use of information technology at a local high school that serves economically disadvantaged students. Today, we still focus on services for schools, in addition to non-profits and locally owned businesses. Additionally, the co-op helps to support projects that its members deem valuable to the community.

Our members collectively have years of experience and education designing, building, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting information technology.

Baltimore, MD
Ian Schlakman, Vanessa Holub