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Design Action Collective

Design Action Collective began in 2002 as an independent design and communications spin-off of Inkworks Press Collective. This has allowed us to better serve the movement for social justice by expanding our design capabilities to provide web and other interactive and “new media” services, and continue to expand to include strategic communications and messaging.

Since the founding of Design Action, we have grown to be a multi-lingual, diverse 11-person shop. Our members have come to Design Action as activists and organizers within the social justice movement, and with the desire to offer our skills as designers to the progressive movement.

Design Action is a worker-owned and managed cooperative and a union shop, affiliated with the Pacific Media Guild, Local 39521 Communication Workers of America, AFL-CIO. We are also active members of Graphic Alliance, the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives, and the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

Oakland, CA
Innosanto Nagara, Nadia Khastagir, Poonam Whabi, William Ramirez, Sabiha Basrai, Josh Warren-White, Sarah Reilly, Daniel Owens, Ivy Climacosa, Andrea Salazar