North American Technology Worker Cooperatives

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American Worker Cooperative — Arguably the best source of current information about worker cooperatives in the US

Grassroots Economic Organizing — Excellent source of cooperative news & current thinking on worker cooperatives

Membership Organizations

US Federation of Worker Cooperatives — US grassroots organization for worker cooperatives

National Cooperative Business Association — The pinnacle organization for all cooperative sectors in the US

International Cooperative Alliance — An independent NGO representing cooperatives worldwide, founded 1895

Education, Assistance, Conferences

Democracy At Work Network (DAWN) — Technical assistance for worker coops from a network of certified peer advisors

Democracy At Work Institute — A movement-based think-and-do tank to build the field of worker cooperative development

Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy — Biennial conference of/for worker cooperatives for the eastern US

Western Worker Cooperative Conference — Biennial conference for the western US

Email Lists — An email list about tech worker cooperatives: how to start them, how to sustain them, and how we can help each other. List subscribers are founders and workers at existing tech worker coops, people working on starting a coop or formalizing an existing group, and others who are interested in the worker coop model for tech work. — A tool for practical inquiries and discussion about businesses that are democratically owned and operated by their workers. Group participation is reserved for: a) members of worker cooperatives, including USFWC members; b) individuals actively planning a worker cooperative start-up; and c) providers of technical assistance to worker cooperatives.

Other Tech Worker Coop Federations

FACTTIC - Federación Argentina de Cooperativas de Trabajo de Tecnología, Innovación y Conocimiento