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PC Repair

Union Technology Cooperative

Union Technology Cooperative provides custom technology solutions to businesses and organizations. We are dedicated to providing secure and reliable systems our clients can depend on.

We also offer discounted services organizations and individuals who qualify for our community rate. The cooperative was formed by our member technicians to create a better organization to work for and to provide a better organization to work with.

UTC technicians provide a full spectrum of technology services including:
1. Business network administration and consulting.
2. Security assessments and remediations.
3. Custom server and workstation computer builds which include the most reliable components available.
4. Hardware deployment, configuration, upgrades and repairs.
5. Software installation, configuration, upgrades and migrations.
6. Network design and deployment of routers switches and wireless access points with lifetime warranties.
7. Data backup and migration services.

Our technicians are experts across a wide range of platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. We specialize in delivering complete and cost effective solutions using free and open source software.

We work with each of our clients to evaluate their individual needs to deliver the best solution to fit each client and situation.Estimates are always free, so please call or email us to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly technicians today!

Middleton, WI
Ross Tennent, Dennis McKernan, Justin Weier, Amy Benter, Michael Heideman, Amy McDermott

C4 Tech & Design

C4 Tech & Design is a worker-owned cooperative that provides technical and design services to businesses and non-profits in the Greater New Orleans area. After forming in 2002, C4 quickly expanded into two synergistic teams: our Business I.T. Services team offers technical support, networking, and computer repair services, while our Web Design Team offers graphic design, web development, and custom programming services. 

C4 offers a variety of innovative technology consulting services to an eclectic range of businesses and organizations throughout the Gulf South region and across the country. From envisioning the concept for a website to implementing highly integrated technology strategies, C4 has provided innovative solutions to a diverse client base for over a decade. 

New Orleans, LA
Jeff Brite, Becky Cierpich, Ian Johnson, Drew Stephan, Anna Boyer, David Boss, Chris Roussel, Devin Davis, Westly Gaddis, Marcus Amargi, Robert Starnes, Ryan Williams

Boston TechCollective

Boston TechCollective is a worker-owned cooperative offering tech-support and computer services. As a co-op, each of our technicians is a part owner with an equal say in the business. You are always dealing with someone who has a personal stake in the success of our company, and in our clients' satisfaction above all!

Boston, MA
Yochai Gal, Matt Gabrenya, Steve Tseglin, Dirk Hart, Charlie Hoover


TechCollective is a worker-owned company providing a full range of technology support and consulting services. Based in San Francisco, and currently serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area, we specialize in the tech needs of individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses and other organizations. We are different from other tech support options because we're accountable, unlike a freelance technician or consultant; and we're personable, unlike a large corporation. When you do business with us, you're always dealing with someone who has a personal stake in the success of our company, and thus in your satisfaction as our customer.

San Francisco, CA
Taran Ramage, Jason Luong, Brian Denslow, Thomas Puhek, Niko Bakulich