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Software Development

CoLab Cooperative

CoLab is a full-service technology cooperative with eight worker-owners and a 20+ strong collaborator network. Our skilled technical team partners with your organization to build capacity and deliver strategic, long-lasting results. CoLab is located in Ithaca, New York with collaborators worldwide.

Ithaca, NY
Rylan Peery, Ralph Cutler, Ethan Winn, Jenn Schlick, Amandeep Singh-Sapra, Tomaz Korenika, David Brooks, Cris Nelson

C4 Tech & Design

C4 Tech & Design is a worker-owned cooperative that provides technical and design services to businesses and non-profits in the Greater New Orleans area. After forming in 2002, C4 quickly expanded into two synergistic teams: our Business I.T. Services team offers technical support, networking, and computer repair services, while our Web Design Team offers graphic design, web development, and custom programming services. 

C4 offers a variety of innovative technology consulting services to an eclectic range of businesses and organizations throughout the Gulf South region and across the country. From envisioning the concept for a website to implementing highly integrated technology strategies, C4 has provided innovative solutions to a diverse client base for over a decade. 

New Orleans, LA
Jeff Brite, Becky Cierpich, Ian Johnson, Drew Stephan, Anna Boyer, David Boss, Chris Roussel, Devin Davis, Westly Gaddis, Marcus Amargi, Robert Starnes, Ryan Williams


Agaric helps people create and use powerful web sites.  As a collective of skilled workers, Agaric collaborates with you and open source free software communities to develop tools and build platforms that meet your needs.

Boston | Denver | Minneapolis | Puebla, Mexico | Managua, Nicaragua
Benjamin Melançon, David Valdez, Michele Metts, Christopher Thompson, Mauricio Dinarte, Clayton Dewey